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Over the years, the Eldeco Group has remained steadfast in its commitment to give back to society, especially in the vicinity of its projects where it helps to improve community life.

The seeds were sown long ago when Eldeco decided to open a crèche at a construction site for labourer's children. The idea caught on. Today, Eldeco creates and runs crèches at all its active construction sites. Currently, these are at Noida, Neemrana, Lucknow, Panipat, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. The children receive free meals, are taught basic hygiene and are imparted elementary education. Trained teachers help the children to learn essential life skills apart from basic reading and writing proficiency.

To formalize and exercise better control over its community initiatives, Eldeco propagated 'Eldeco Care'. The all-encompassing vision is to create a healthy community life while contributing to a better social environment. An important element is to provide support to neighbouring villages through ambulances, drinking water, community facilities etc., Eldeco Care includes donations to deserving charities. The chosen area of focus is destitute care. To this end, some of the significant charities supported in the recent years have been: View Photo Gallery